What are the best websites to advertise

I am a new wholesaler who has my first property and I live in California and wanted to know other than craigslist what are the best websites to advertise property and advertise my services that allow free posting.

The best web site is probably the one you build and maintain yourself. Not completely free, but probably will be a more effective marketing tool than a commercial site.

Craigslist is without a doubt the best…But I would also recommend advertising in local papers.

No it isn’t free, but if you can spend a little to make a lot, then why not?

If I can spend $100 on ads, and make $10,000, then you are talking to a guy who is running alot of ads

Good luck!

from what i have read you can make a flyer for your property with all the necessary info and pass them around at your local rei club.

There is also http://www.backpage.com and http://www.kijiji.com for listings.

I would also recommend craigslist if you want to do something right away and for free. I haven’t had any experience with kijiji yet, but I will probably try them out soon.

I have had some luck with www.zillow.com, www.cyberhomes.com, craigslist, ebay, etc…

How come nobody mentioned AdWords?!

Because there is so much competiton in real estate industry, plus the fact the AdWords is so populated.

You can also try http://classifieds.khrido.com/used-sanfrancisco.aspx for listing your property in Bay Area.

For free advertising you can use free classified websites. Those website you can find by Goggle or yahoo search engine.

tg2008, Check them all out and see which ones do the most posting in your area. Out of 10 in my area only 3 are worth using. Postlets.com will have a list. herbster

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15 websites to find houses on (other than Craigslist)