What are some ways to market your listing?

Here are some ways I think would be great to market your listing:

[]Open House(Every Sunday)[]Sunday Newspaper[*]Brokers Opening

I Know I missed a few more. Feel free to post your ideas and opinions.

How about dropping off your listings at R E offices. But the best way is to have it priced right, and they will come.

yes the price is the best bait.

Don’t forget “For Sale Signs”

Especially important at the front of the neighborhood.

Print pic of house and info 1000 + and drop them off everywere, markets, video stores, etc. it’s FREE and it works.

A new way to market your listings would be to create a website that is search engine optimized.
By this, I mean that each listing you enter creates a page that is dynamically generated on the fly…and search engine “smart” enough to know how to attract the spiders and bots with information strategically placed on the new page. This process allows your listings to be searchable from many big and small search engines. It usually takes a couple of weeks for the search engines to start doing great ranking things to your listings in your region.

Put it on craigslist.org for your metro area. That site is unbelieveable. I have found all my renters from there, and they are good quality.