what are my financing options.

How can you get funding for your properties with no money down and ok credit… What other options are out there for people that dont have money to buy and cant get a loan from the bank…but wants to invest in properties…

There are several ways, but all are going to require some “skin” in the game. The days of 100% conforming financing. You may be able to partner with someone, but even then they will want you to have type of financial investment. You may be able to develop some type of Owner financing, but even lease options require some type of down payment “skin”


 Start out wholesaling some properties and build up some cash.


If you have some problems with getting a loan from the bank try to apply for online loans. The lenders dealing with such payday loans don’r require credit check and provide cash advances even for people with bad credit. It’s a really useful option. Personally I use it rather often in immediate need of money.

These loans are often predatory and filled with hidden fees. They can be awful.

Oh, wait, you’re hawking them - sorry!