What are her options?

i had a lady call me with this:
Scenario: she wants to buy a home, she has down payment and about 30K in debt that she wants to get rid of. Can she buy the home and some how include this debt into new loan. Or what can she do. She just wants 1 payment. What are her options? she does not want to keep paying rent.

usually not, lenders want to make loans based on the value of the property, not her unsecured debt. If she were a home owner and had equity, then a cash out refi is possible. Other options include a 107% mortgage. You use the extra seven percent to pay off debts in order to qualify. the rate is higher, and your fico score needs to be decent. Sometimes you have to tell people “no” and then tell them what ,if any is possible.

Maybe debt consolidation or debt counseling may be required depending on if her income is inline with her indebtedness. If not she really needs to take care of her financial situation before looking at trying own a home or atleast it would only help in her being able to qualify for one.