What amount to pay birddogger?

Hi there

I am considering hiring a woman who wants to birddog for us? My huband and and I are new investors in wholesaling or foreclosure properties. what would be fair price to pay her? have heard several things however I want to know what YOU think. Thanks !

From reading, most seem to pay 500-1000 bucks. If they are any good you want to keep them interested in looking for you, so don’t be cheap.

They aren’t on salary. They only get paid either when they find something that might work, or when you buy something (your decision).

If it is just for finding a potential, they don’t get much. If they find one that you buy, they get a much bigger chunk.

If they only get paid when you buy, they will quickly learn to be more selective about what they bring to you.

I would pay $500 minimum, and as high as 10% of my net profit. Good birddogs are hard to come by, and keeping them on your payroll keeps deals coming your way.