what am I doing wrong?

I have started two months ago. I look everywhere: FSBO, MLS, web sites, work with several agents.
I have written 7( 2 huds, 4 lender-owned, 1 regular) offers so far, all of them were rejected, one was accepted but I had to get out due to structural damages of the property. I would have written more if there would be something:)
I am looking for fix&flips, but what I find here in Denver it’s hard to find something that would have enough margin to make profit, unless it’s in a bad-selling area.
I am not ready to give up, but I’ve been doing it full-time for two months.
I don’t have money for aggresive marketing campaign.
Please share your thoughts…

Sometimes companies give out 300 business cards free or something like that, you could do that and then hand it out to the housing court, realtors, and many more places.


Sounds like you are on the right track. I would look at the marketing differently. In Virginia I can make 10 offers and 1 will get accepted. In Denver, the market may be different. It may be 20 to 1 for example. What you are currently doing will work. It sounds to me like you are doing what you need to do but you may want to consider researching your market (again). When I started, 7 years ago the market was different than what it is today. Finding 2 flips per year when rates were higher was easier. Now a buy an hold stratedy works better in my target area. Reassess what is goining on in you target market and line your efforts up with what the Denver market is doing. In the end you may have a larger business than you imagined.

I too have had some of the same problems that denvergirl is having. I decided i was going to start out by trying the lease option and it seems like around here everyone would prefer a contract for deed. Lots of offers have been rejected…but I just keep on keepin on because I know eventually one will come along. Dont get me wrong, if the cfd would have been beneficial to me, i would have done it, but most of them werent . Just keep doing what you are doing and reading posts on here…they are worth the reading!! Dont surround yourself with negative minded people either…theyll just bring you down even more…Keep your head up!! Good luck and keep us posted.

just keeping kissing the frogs and one will turn into a prince! it took me 6 months to do my first deal[after i started making offers]. the ratio will get better with time as you learn to read the market.