What All Should A Paint Job Include

Just had a rental house repainted. I KNOW I should have gotten everything in writing but everyone else I deal with here is on a verbal basis and no problems yet. The painter did an ok but not great job. She refused to hang the blinds back up after she was done. I told her that should be part of the job and she asked for more money. Then she asked for more money to clean up the paint she had spilled on the window sills and counters. She said she had not included that in her quote. Am I unreasonable to think part of the job is rehanging blinds and cleaning up after yourself? >:(

Howdyy Maryy:

Even bad painters clean up their mess and rehang the drapes. I do not know why she would even think of charging extra.

Does not sound like a lot of work however to tidy up the place. Probably best to pay her off and let her know that you will never use her again.

I have been a painter for others and in fact just did about 40 units several months ago at UT. It was all spelled out as to the rehanging of drapes and mini blinds and spills etc. I thought it was redundant but the foreman told me for sure that other crews would have to be told over and over again the same rules.

Consider that one a lesson learned since you happened to hire a sleek painter. Perhaps he consider since he did a good job that’s all. Every descent worker (i.e. painter, carpenter, or other trades) should be nice enough to clean up their mess. This one is basically not of those professional worker.

Putting everything in writing redundant it might sound put everything in the right direction. No guess work or additional do-this pls.

What I have found a good way of hiring contract workers is referrals from people I know. Words get around pretty quick especially if they did a good job or not.

Create a checklist. Give it to the painter when getting estimates. That way every painter gives you an estimate based on what you want not what they offer.

Be specific when creating your list. eg. Paint walls one coat of sherman williams ant white. Paint baseboards 2 coats sherman williams semi-gloss white. Paint 3 spots in bedroom with kiltz oil based stain blocker.

[]Get a painter to help you create your first list.
]Keep it were you can update it.
[*]Use the same list over and over.