What all is required of me?

I am new to the real estate game and I am trying to get into bird dogging. I have found a few investors in my area that would be interested in my services. My question is what all is required of me, what do i need to do for the investor, paperwork etc. Do i contact owners, fill out paperwork, and etc, i just am not sure what all is required and what to charge. Please Help!

Robert purdum

Unfortunately anytime you start a new business venture, the key is to take much time to educate yourself on what you want to do. There just is no quick answer to what want to know. The response would be too lengthy. You will have to find out what Birddogging is and what your role is to the investor. I would recommend you start by googling this within your state, reading as many topics on REI club and then if you need to ask a specific question, people will more inclined to answer your question. Hope this helps.

Typically as a real estate bird dog you don’t have any requirements other than finding great deals on properties for your investors. Then getting paid if they buy them. If you were doing real estate wholesaling then you would need to get into doing your own contracts.

Thanks for the info guys i appreciate it.