What about the Midwest ?

We see a lot of posts from the shore lines and Texas and Chicago but what about the Midwest ? Missouri , Colorado, Kansas,Montana,Iowa,Arkansa? Although there is a post here and there from these areas they seem to be predominantly untapped.Is there something wrong with them?

I like it when nobody replies because that tells me that the pro’s who love to throw their 2 cents in : Dont misunderstand me . that is a good thing, dont have anything to comment on because they are unfamilliar with the subject .So maybe Im onto something here ?Maybe the Midwest is just waiting for someone to bring their hammer and paint brush and clean up the town.

It’s worth a shot. Let us know how you do!

hi campbell group, Colorado is great if you don’t mind paying 200k for a 900 sq ft house.



I’m from St. Louis, Missouri and the market is good here. You don’t see the huge swings like you do on the coasts, its pretty steady.

Property values are typically lower in the midwest than on the coasts.
You can buy more for your money.


There are excellent deals throughout the majority of the flyover country. The coasts are typically the areas that have been in the recent boom. Many of these coastal areas will soon be overbuilt and many of these areas have insurance issues due to the hurricanes. This will probably only get worse as the experts say that we’re in the beginning of a prolonged period of increased hurricane activity. As people are beaten down with repeated hurricane damage and ever-increasing insurance premiums, prices will go down. They always do. Sooooo, eventually, even these areas will be a good investment.

In flyover country, instead of buying an overpriced property and hoping for appreciation, we buy at hugh discounts to market value and get the profit immediately. The down side to this is that it takes a LOT of work to find these great deals and there is moderate depreciation in some areas. There can be excellent cash flow for rentals in flyover country, but the tenant pool is terrible because lower house prices and lax lending policies have allowed everyone with a pulse to buy a house. Landlords need to be skilled at screening and need to be aggressive with evictions.

That’s the report from flyover country.


Thats it, its final,


the midwest. Fantastic opportunities in certain cities.

People like living near the ocean. High demand = High prices and High rates of appreciation. Will it keep going up? Millions of baby boomers will retire over the next 15 years. I’m betting that prices will go up on the coast, way up.

“The Midwest” is not a popular retirement destination for prosperous retirees who are relocating. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Midwest, I spent 4 years in Lawrence, KS. Lawrence and Kansas City are great towns. The people in the midwest are fantastic.

Cheap real estate is not a plus to me. I prefer to make more money on fewer deals.

Always? Where did this happen, ever? Not on the East Coast.

I live in Michigan, and a lot of people are making money in REI and I’m not planning on getting started unitl next year,in rehabbing. I think with Ford and the GM cutting all the jobs housing price value is dropping, but for the rest of michiganders who don’t work in plants I think the market is going to go well for investor who know how to give customer what they need with the spike in heating and utility bills.

I’ve been investing in IOWA for 5 months now. I have 11 properties with a decent cash flow. The problem with the midwest is appreciation…or the lack of it…typically, 3-5%…so, need to do a ton of deals to make it worth it. The upside…no a whole lot of risk…if mitigated right.

As far as it being un-tapped…I beg to differ. I 've found that in a city of 120k three to four people control the rent rates…they own everything in town!!..but there are quite a few people trying to get in. Counted 12 “I/we buy houses” adds in the classified this morning.

You’re welcome to joint, but beware, we are really nice people and will help you get started right.

I haven’t heard too many great things about the Midwest. They’re buying here from what I’ve seen. A lot of the East and West Coast folks are also cashing out and coming to Texas.