What about the media blitz? Every investor is a predator.

I resigned from my real estate agency after 7 years. YAY ! I’m rich…lol
anywhoo, What about the current media blitz about anyone that wants to buy your house that isn’t a couple that’s been married for 5 years or more with 2.5 children, a labrador retriever and securing a conventional mortgage from Bank of Perfect Credit is a predator waiting to steal your house with unfamiliar ideas, contracts and answers that seem to good to be true? Sellers seem to be misinformed and very apprehensive 'round here. Who wants to tell me that, “the kinds of sellers I’m meeting aren’t motivated” first? “Because if they were they wouldn’t care about what the media is telling them.” Is that realistic? Does anyone use anything in their marketing or approach to give themselves credibility to convince sellers that you’re not a predator.

Former Agent Dino

I use testimonials sometimes, and collect testimonials on every house I buy however, I doubt thats why they call me since they call from other sources as well.

I know not what you were hoping to hear, but they are motivated and just want out :slight_smile: Not only that, they are willing to sign the deed over and leave the loan in place.

Don’t make your concerns theirs. McDonalds did not stop selling burgers because of the negative publicity caused by the media.

Fadi youre so right on…

If you do feel you need a crutch then cut out one of the articles about the “Bad People” and copy it and take it with you…

When you meet the seller and before they bring it up say these words… You have been hearing a lot about some Investors out there… Here is one article I clipped out… When you sell me your house today you won’t have to worry about these kinds of people anymore… You don’t think I am going to take advantage of you do you? And shake your head side to side…
Presentations are about confidence and understanding what a seller needs to hear and how you relay that information.
If you’re passive they typically won’t sign… If you’re aggressive they will kick you out… You have to be persuasive…
Understand pace, embedded commands, mimicking, take away closes and more importantly understand what their body language means…

I agree with what Michael said. The only thing I would really change from his post though is I don’t think I would really ask the question to the seller… I would make it a statement. After all, you are a complete stranger to this person and if you say something right after meeting them like “You don’t think I am going to take advantage of you, do you?”, that might make them a little nervous.

Well, personally speaking, that would make me nervous if an investor did that to me…

Well, we are predators, aren’t we? Feeding off the serious mistakes and character flaws of others?

There might be a difference in the level of ethics. Some of us are sharks and some are pirahnas. Some are foxes and some are wolves.

Here’s a toss to the experienced pre-foreclosure investors in the group. What has been YOUR experience? How can a pre-foreclosure investor market that he/she solves problems for homeowners in financial duress…DESPITE the negative media attention or prevailing stereotype…? What are some good strategies and why are they good? What works for everyone else?

And I’m talking here about those who are ethical


P.S. Wolves? Bears? Oh My!

A girl who calls her friend a slut and her friend does the same… is inviting others to call her the same…that’s just my 2 c