What about termite inspections?

Hello all,

I was wondering about termite inspections and if they were necessary if I am going to flip a property to a buyer or investor. Is it necessary? If I don’t do it will it come back to haunt me legally or otherwise?

I am not holding, I am strictly passing these deals onto others. If I did plan to buy and hold I would definitely do it for myself.

I have read tons of material on investing, flipping and I don’t ever remember reading anything about termite inspections…lol

Thanks for the advice,

If I were just wholesaling a property, no I wouldn’t get termite inspection… UNLESS I saw quite a bit of damage, and was concerned that the home may have structural issues do to so much damage. And I would do this to use is getting my price even lower so that it wouldn’t be an issue to a rehabber. Most rehabbers can look and tell the extent of damage enough to know if further investigation is a must due to very bad infestation.

Hope this helps,

Heather Zaal