What about E-bay, for selling or buying?

I heard that E-bay will outpace realtors someday. Does anyone here use E-Bay? I never have, but just thought I could get some of the world’s greatest investor’s input on this topic! Thanks to all you smart investors, I really love this forum! And I am a union worker, not a realtor! I do have the option of being an appraiser for RE! Nah! I do not need the $$ or headache! Almost like being an ATC!~ For those who don’t know the acronym: Air Traffic Controller. Yikes!!!

well i don’t know if it’s the best, but i purchased my first property on e-bay. Gave a small down payment and it came with owner financing. was quick and painless.

It like other places is a good source to get leads that is what this is all about right getting leads? the more people that know about you the more phone calls the more deals?

I agree you can generate a lot of traffic on e-bay, and it’s a good source for FSBO.

does anyone knows about the real state boot camp in Vegas on September 10 & 11?
And if you do, what do you think about it, is it worth it?


i can’t imagine people selling their houses over the internet :o


all these sell properties on-line.

I can’t imagine not using the internet to sell a properties

Had a friend try it one time. She allegedly sold her house on Ebay for 280k. Ebay hit her with fees. Offcourse buyer never bought. Alot of Ebay Fees at that!