What about carpet tile?

Does anyone have experience using carpet tiles at home or in rentals? I am getting ready to carpet a home, and there are some cheap carpet tiles available at the Habitat for Humanity store. I really don’t like carpet, but it is the best option in this case.

I would only use it on a lower income or commercial rental. It has a look about it that’s “not so great”. However I use parquet wood vinyl tiles in the same basic manner on lower income rentals, and actually in many cases those folks love it.

The advantage of having a moderately easy to remove carpet or vinyl tile, is that if a tenant damages just a certain area, all you have to do is replace that certain area and not the entire floor. That has saved me a fortune in carpet expenses in many of my rentals

Ok. I will probably go with commercial carpet. It is a decent neighborhood, and I will be living in the home for some time. But it makes sense to use cheaper carpet, as I don’t plan to sell the home.

I agree lower end… but it is nice to just replace one or 2 squares when a tenant makes a mess.

I ended up putting a cheap carpet in. Not commercial, but the same price and it has a 5-year abrasion and stain warranty. I also learned that you can get 10% off Lowe’s coupons from the Post Office or online. You can get 20% HD coupons online. Just be sure to ask people at the store if they accept them. The carpet ended up costing $1124.30 for 876 square feet. I believe you can also get an additional discount by using the coupon, if you tell them you have a coupon and they subtract the 10% before you pay. So I used a 10% coupon and got another 5% with the credit card. I should have bought the 20% HD coupon…