What a House!

Sometimes it’s possible to reach our goal and the result is very rewarding. Here is such a case, Sit back and enjoy the tour.


Da Wiz

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one can dream

<<one can dream>>

…or learn to play golf…how hard could it possibly be?


what is the address of this home? is it in the US or offshore somewhere?

It’s Tiger’s home in Florida.

Da Wiz

I bet he doesn’t “own” it…if you know what I mean…I am sure that a corporation owns it. it is beautiful. thanks da wiz.

That house is serious!

Tiger Woods may be able to afford this house, but he is not owner, not yet at least! The bad news is he doesn’t own it. The good news is it’s FOR RENT!

Origins: Although professional golfer extraordinaire Tiger Woods might be able to afford a lavish beachfront home like the one pictured above (he reportedly earned over $80 million in 2004 from endorsements and appearance fees alone), he doesn’t have any obvious connection to the magnificent house pictured above, despite claims made in e-mail messages that circulated with these photos.

Tiger Woods resides in the Orlando, Florida, community of Isleworth, while these images depict an opulent, five-star beachfront vacation rental estate known as The Golden Conch on the Hawaiian island of Maui. The administrator of The Golden Conch, Fabulous Homes Corp., advertises it thusly:
Sleeps 12 with 6 bedrooms, 5 marble baths, 2 half baths. Highest Luxury! This impeccable estate spans 9,000 sq. feet, overlooking a ?-mile crystal white beach and Molokai. 60 foot Infinity-edged Pool with waterfalls and 24-carat gold-studded accents, 2 Jacuzzi Spas accommodating 25+ people, outdoor fire cauldrons.

World-class architecture and inventive interior, cathedral ceilings, exceptional art and sculpture collection. Central A/C, complete Media/Entertainment Room with 9 ft. projection screen and plasma TV/DVD system (22 TVs total), digital cable, stereo systems, high speed wireless Internet. Gourmet kitchen, BBQ, ocean view dining seats 8. Deluxe ocean view Gym; Recreation Room with 9-foot formal table that converts into a billiards table. Grand Hall features luxury 30-foot custom wraparound sofa, complete with a LED lighting system to create your own ambiance.

Walking Distance to 3 world-renowned golf courses, fine dining, entertainment and activities at Kapalua Resort and the Ritz Carlton. Featured in renowned design magazines and on Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous ? truly a tropical palace!
For those who think they might like to give this magnificent Hawaiian vacation rental home a try, we note that it is listed under Fabulous Homes’ “$4000/night and up” category.

Da Wiz

Okay, Okay I know I’m going to get bashed for this one.

I love the house and I think it’s one of the nicest places you can possibly live. I would love to have a place like this
(Most people would?) but how many people are willing to pay the price to obtain it? (Not the price of the house but the
work it requires to obtain it)

We live in one of the richest countries in the world and financial ability is possible for everyone and that is a “Blessing” alone after visiting some 3rd world countries and it’s citizens don’t have a chance at even a SLIVER of what we have right now.

My point is if you REALLY want it…go after it, make it a Goal and the universe will give it to you.
I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s successes.

the best thing in that house is the high speed internet…
just kidding… ;D

wonder how much something like that house costs?

if you buy like 3 of them, and rent out 2, would the rents from those 2 cover the mortgage of the third? hehe