We're on 'Flip that House' All-Stars!

Our group is pretty excited because we’re going to be on Flip That House. Justine Smith is one of our Buyer Specialists and has already been on the show for her house flip last year when she came to the team. http://texasrealestate.blogs.com/weblog/2007/06/copeland-group-.html

This episode is pretty cool because the new season will feature five all-stars who get their own episodes. This deal is pretty cool because it shows how creative you can be in real estate investing. We’ve involved three of our clients so far. One was a beginning investor, one is a private money funder, and one is a spec builder.

As kind of an inside joke, we’re trying to see who else can make money on this one.

Awesome, good luck to you guys ill be watching!

Sounds like it will be a good one. I will be watching too.

Richard Stephens

Wow, that’s really cool.


I watch all these shows and while they’re entertaining, they spend too much time on the improvements with before and after photos of the properties rather than focus on the critical aspects of investing: locating properties at big discounts and arranging financing.

Just once I’d like to see the process of finding the home to invest in, as opposed to showing us the new kitchen and bathrooms.

Thats exiting I bet, to be on TV and all.
When will the episode air.

BTW, Beemnseven
I completly agree, but the shows arnt really about investing. More about the eye-candy aspect of it. Find an ugly house, make it sparkle with some granite and travertine.

Wish I watched TV…

What’s with the travertine anyway? On everyone of those shows all they ever put in is travertine. It’s like they almost don’t have any other choice.

Great job Dee,

I used to watch them shows. I spent a weekend in Connecticut last year with Than Merrill and his crew and it was pretty neat to see such a vast # of projects going on. I ran into the Montelongo crew from Texas last weekend at the Trump Wealth expo here in Fort Lauderdale and they… well never mind.I like the motivation the shows portay but I dislike the perception they portray of "Hey look what you can accomplish in 1/2 hour."Though it wasnt asked for I gave my 2 cents.Good luck on the project though.

The cool thing is that the actual film crews are local. They really like our professionalism and that we’re actually investors. They’re going to be out on the 12th for the house move. They think it’s the most dramatic part, so are excited.

I’d like to see who the other all-stars are. Maybe they picked people who are real investors with real issues. We’re thinking this one will sell pretty quickly once we’re done, but those are some famous last words.

I am so jealous. I wished I flipped houses so I could be on one of those shows.


just what I was thinking :biggrin

if we only knew what we were missing…


Maybe you should start, if nothing else for the fame and spotlight. :cool

And I am so cute too! You guys would love the opportunity to look at me on the TV.

Speaking of cute. Dee will you get any airtime on the show?

I’m hoping seeing you on TV as opposed to in person would at least keep me from going blind.

Post a msg before it airs.

Would be interesting to see a real investor on that show for once. :bobble

I agree. There have been some flippers on the show that have done pretty well, but most should take a math course. I just watched an episode where they caught up with a flipper one year later to see how the sale of his flip went - he held the house for 5 months instead of the one month he anticipated and ended up making a whopping $7K after spending $50K on the rehab. :banghead