Wendy Patton's Cooperative Lease Options Course?

Has anyone successfully completed a deal using Wendy Patton’s Cooperative Lease Options course and contracts? How about in Illinois?? I’m just worried about it being illegal. I had pre-paid legal shield review her contracts and they couldn’t give me a straight answer on them…

Michael Carbonare has had a cooperative lease option program in place for the past 10 years or so. Google “Naked Investor”

Interesting that Wendy now sells a course on cooperative assignments when for years she claimed investors who did these were acting as unlicensed brokers. I guess she saw the light. . .or the money in another course. :rolleyes
Dave is correct. Carbonare has offered a course on lease purchasing and cooperative assignments for about a decade. In fact, many of today’s “gurus” on these got their start through Michael.

It is good that Wendy changed her mind on cooperative assignments, only a fool doesn’t change there mind or it was a case if you can’t beat them- join them.