Wendy Patton Courses


I’m looking for a course that provides live calls with sellers, buyers, and RE Agents. I came across an advertisement for Wendy Patton’s Unlocking the Secrets of Lease Options Compete System, which states that she provides live calls in the course. Do any of you have the course and if so, did the live calls help you with your approach? I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance

I have read one of her book on lease option & subject 2…picked it up from amozon.com…Not a bad book had a lot of good information…I would think her coarse would be ok…I would look into Ron Legrand Lease Option coarse it comes with live calls in it and you get a lot of great no BS information.

The book is the best part of the “courses” I have of hers. The courses I have amount to alot of packaging compared to content. The content generally is a forms disc, some recorded calls, and printed copies of the forms on the disk put together in book form. Much of this references back to her book, which was pretty good.

Even Legrand’s calls with sellers is nothing to brag about. Most of the calls were to unmotivated sellers and won’t get much out of them.

What are you trying to learn? maybe we can help rather than spend money on a course.

Look at this CD on eBay, it is two parts each is $10. Cheaper than buying a course just for conversations.