Wells Fargo REO

Hey, I am interested in a building that went into foreclosure and I believe is now owned by Wells Fargo. I’ve check a few of the banks websites and the MLS but did not find a listing for the property any where. This is my first attempt at buying an REO property, dose any one have any suggestions for me on how to get a hold of some one at the banks REO department? It appeared from the sites I was looking at that residential and commercial/multi-family properties are handled differently or by different people, is this the case?

The property is a multi-family building in Chicago. I would much appreciate any advise anyone many have for me, Thanks.

call WF and ask them what a contact number for someone in REO or foreclosure dept. Then call that number and start from there. Keep calling and asking who you can talk to until they tell you.

WF is actually very good at calling back - especially now - it may take a few days - but i got multiple calls back.

Wells Fargo has their own REO marketing group called Premiere Asset Services .

Maybe you can find the property you are looking for in their property search engine. If so, then the property details will include the real estate agent’s contact info. If Wells Fargo will finance your purchase, contact information for a Wells Fargo mortgage specialist will also be included.