Wells Fargo REO Dept

Anyone have a good contact for Wells Fargo?

In DESPARATE need of this info.

Online searches yielded no good results.



I have the number for the Loss Mitigation/Default Services dept. It took a long time on hold (10-12 minutes). I am working on something with them too. Email me, and I will shoot you the number. By the way, where are you working? I am in MA.



These guys are tough. I’ve been trying to get a property they are holding for over a year now… Nothing!

If the people are in pre foreclosure and there is an attorney involved then you should be able to call the attorney to get the correct numbers for the bank.

Did you ever get anywhere with the REO department at Wells Fargo? I’m trying to help a client buy an REO (they missed it at auction - didn’t realize they needed a cashier’s check to bid). No one bid and the property went back to Wells Fargo. It would definitely be in the bank’s interest to sell to this buyer - but I suspect the buyer will have to wait until it appears on the MLS.

I could fax a letter with cma, history of sales of this home, etc if I knew where to fax it - would it even be looked at?

Any ideas or suggestions?
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Cindy Robertson

I’ve spoken with a manager in loss mit @ wells fargo… it’s not that they’re “tough” per se, as much as they are just inundated with cases. they send cases to foreclosure every month b/c they don’t have enough manpower to handle the cases.

there’s your insider info… keep hacking away you’ll get’em.

I’ve been at this for over 6 weeks. They’ve been so difficult to deal with I’ve finally brought in my attorney to go after them. Don’t tell me it’s because they are so busy- everytime I’ve sent them the things they say they need, the person on the line is completely indifferent to providing an answer, let alone interest in doing anything except getting off the phone as quickly as possible. I’ve dealt with dozens and dozens of lender REO departments over the years, and Wells is the antichrist of the banking industry. My advice is to avoid any properties where Wells has ANYTHING to do with the deal. >:(

it is my understanding Wells runs everything thru a company with the following website:


If anyone had any luck contacting the wells fargo REO dept, I’d appreciate a contact. Thanks.

Me too on any REO department at all being new at this myself I could use all the help me and my wife could get. Thanks in advance. Kelly Lyles. I am looking in the Texas DFW area and the Santa Rosa Ca. areas.

Someone recently told me that Wells Fargo just took over at least 1.2 million Washington Mutual loans. So they are more swamped.

Just curious, what other lenders does “www.pasreo.com” represent besides Wells Fargo?

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I HATE dealing with Wells Fargo. I had a deal where there was a ton of equity on a property and the house was ready to go to the courthouse auction. We got a contract on the property and were waiting on funding a week before the auction. The WHOLE week we got the run around. Basically we couldn’t close before the auction due to funding so we needed it taken off the foreclosure to keep the deal. Wells Fargo nitpicked several variations of a funding letter from my mortgage broker. Basically disclaimers the lender puts in the letter allowing them to back out…common stuff. It was so rediculous. The auction was on a Tuesday and we were dealing with these guys the Monday afternoon before. We finally spoke with the supervisor’s supervisor. He still nitpicked us on that variation of the letter so I told him to call my mortgage broker himself. My mortgage broker was more than happy to speak with this clown as she had rewritten the same letter all week. They spoke and finally we got it taken off around 4:45 on Monday.

My advice for dealing with Wells Fargo is go up as far as you possibly can. 1st tier can’t do anything and 2nd is limited.

Yep, you are right on track. They did buy a bunch of WAMU loans, and they are overwhelmed.

Are there any positive stories aboue REO departments?