Well one step closer

Well I just bought 2 hosting packages and 2 domains, now I just need to get sites setup. These sites will be used on my marketing materials and will be mostly used to capture data. I am also now currently looking at 800 number solutions, so far due to recommendations for members here freedomvoice.com is where I am probably going to go. If anyone has any suggestions regarding the phone service let me know.

Ps- Got some stellar domains (in my own opinion), just glad they were available, many of the ones I tried were not.

About freakin’ time!

Unless you have a stationary office, I’d forget about the 800 number. Most of the time working by yourself your office will be in your car, therefore I’d be more inclined to just buy another cell phone. Just my opinion though.

Maybe one day you’ll actually buy a piece of the rock…

I’m thinking 800 just to have ability to do other things later with it and also I can use it to forward calls anywhere I want (home, cell, etc). Also, another thing is the services I am finding are cheap enough to allow me to use it for less than $10 a month with a more professional look and with no annual contract. I will probably get a second phone eventually since my current phone is paid for by my f/t job but for now the 800 number allows me to use any phone with it and have it forward anywhere I am. I am also going to be looking to target different markets, having different voicemail boxes available seems like it would be best for different types of callers. Mostly trying to get everything set to scale up as needed without hassles, even if I am currently a one man show. As soon as I have a basic site up on each domain I will put the domains in my signature.

I use kall8 for my 800 and fax service. I think its GREAT!

Also the good thing about an 800 number is most numbers coming in are not blocked. I don’t think I have had a call yet that didn’t have an name and number with it.

I believe since your paying for the incoming call on the 800#, the caller cannont block their id.