Well, how about you Michigan people!

Since there is an Ohio thread, us Michiganders must have one too! I am in the Flint area and am doing my first rehab, I am about two months in and nearing the end, but am getting scared due to shrinking funds and a very slow market. Luckily the home I have is 400sq ft bigger than all the others and has an extra bath and a fireplace. If anyone is looking for a nice rental, this will be a nice one for you!


Oh no… This is bad. I remember 8th grade history class when we studied the “war between michigan and ohio”. :-[

and doesn’t that war continue every year on that certain fall afternoon? 8)

My wife has mentioned this thing in the fall…

She still can’t tell me why her school mascot is a horse chestnut, but each to his own I guess…


I’m a secret tar heel so I’m staying out of this one.

Still in the “closet” with the tarheel thing, Pat? My mom and her family are from North Carolina…my dad (staunch New Englander) says that it’s not tar…


Go Bucks! Go Wolverines! Go Deacon Demons! Whatever…Just sign here. ;D