Weekly 15 Hour Investor Schedule

BTW, I came across this and it is a great plan for all you investors…Hope you find it helpful!

Started working with this schedule in 1994 and did this for 12 months without fail and now I no longer have to hunt for deals, they now come to me.

I get around 3 to 4 deals faxed to me every day, I get an average of 17 calls per day and 48 emails per day.

I call this “OPT” Other Peoples Time. Deals come to me! This will save you time and money!

You may need to adjust to your life style.

Monday - Mail, Fax, or email Advertisement at least 15 letters to lenders and at the end of the 1st month you will have contacted 60 lenders. You will then start getting lenders to send you their lists before Anybody else. (takes about 30 minutes)

Mail, Fax, or email at least 10 letters to Realtors, Contractors, Real Estate Attorneys, etc and at the end of the 1 St. month you will have contacted 40 Leads producing sources. You will then start getting Leads & business contacts. (‘takes about 30 minutes)

Search Internet sources for Leads (‘take about 1 hour) Study real estate related educational material (take about 1 hour) This I still do!

Tuesday - Spend day networking with realtors, bankers, credit unions, mortgage companies and all others you come into contact with (spend about 2 to 3 hours)

Wednesday - Go through newspaper for homes for rent, FSBO, Homes For Sale, Legal paper listings and searching neighborhoods and drive by. (‘spend about 2 to 3 hours)

Thursday - Court House Research. (‘spend about 2 hours)

Friday - OFF - My Family Day - Wife day

Saturday - Inspecting Properties & Make Offers (‘spend about 2 hours)

Sunday - Inspecting Properties & Make Offers (‘spend about 2 hours)

“Working smarter, not harder = Financial security”

• I suggest you have at least 10,000 business cards made with your offer of the $500.00 bounty and hand them out in stacks to everyone you can.

• As you grow, you might consider T.V., radio, phone books, billboards, street benches, bumper stickers, bigger commissions. Use your imagination.

• Put up signs telling people you buy real estate.

• Make multiple lowball offers on overpriced properties and walk away. Don’t deposit earnest money but they may stew on your offer and call you a month later accepting your deal. Leave the offer with them.

• Older people should not be left out. They are very valuable informants. They know everything and need people to talk to! Listen to them.

• Go to free seminars on real estate. Not only to learn about real estate but also to capture names and circulate amongst real estate minded people. Once you have their names, call your own club meeting and network to prosperity. Find your mentor here.

• Go to where people are buying those “by owner” signs. Ask them what they are selling. Follow them home and get the first look! Be first or lose the deal.

• Try offering 15% less than what you intend on paying. You never know – they may accept it. If they don’t, you can still negotiate up to 15% more and get it for what you originally were willing to pay. Any higher, walk away but leave the offer on the table (the offer stands).

• Make your offer easy for the seller to understand. Get the option to buy but use a contingency to protect yourself. Iron out the details later but lock it up now!

• Buy from sellers who tend not to care: seized, foreclosed, tax sales, corporations, non-profits, disinterested heirs, probate attorneys and private auctions.

I recognize John Michael anywhere. That came from his message board (http://www.magicbullets.com/forum/showthread.php?t=269).

Good “pick”, Deborah!

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Also be aware of do not call/do not email/do not fax rules. You have to have written consent before you fax to someone or you can be sued by the FTC. Took effect August 25th.


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