I am looking for a new website to generate leads. Does anyone have any experience with a good site or heard of any good ones. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Not sure I understand, you want sites that sell leads?

you know a website. on that generates leads. For example people that are in foreclosure. There are alot of investor websites out there for a price but I just want the best one. Any suggestions. I know there are investors on this site that have there own websites. Any suggestions on webhost??

I’d suggest NOT TO get the website from the companies that sell generic websites and charge you $14.99/month or more for it.
If you want to stand out, you HAVE to look different.

Well, you can get them for $2000 setup plus hefty monthly fee from:

You can get them for $50/month from:

You can design your own Real Estate website with no HTML experience for $24/month from:

You can design your own or pay someone to do it for you and host it for $5/month on any host.

It is totally up to you…

save your moolah and hire a professional web-designer through

Then pay only $5/mo for the hosting

Stay away from (,, unless you want your website to look just like everyone else’s

Who cares if the site looks like everyone else? most sellers will visit the website based on his advertising/direct marketing and they don’t know who else use the same template.

I think 99% of the websites out there have poor content even those selling for high price. If your content does not sell the visitor on your services, then what the website looks like is not relevant.