Websites for REI-alternatives to InetUSA?

I use InetUSA, a “website-in-a-box” template site. It was OK, then they “upgraded” their whole system and totally messed up all of my URL forwards and marketing. Now they’re raising their price by 60%! Are there alternatives? I like Inet’s flexibility, but instead of learning their new setup, I’m ready to move to another company. I’d like a template site where I can have forms for sellers and buyers to list info, applications, templates in which I can list properties with photos for sale, that I can change fairly easily if I need to. The 20 URLs I own each sends people to a different page of my site, so I can fine tune my marketing. Is Inet the best game in town, or are there others with equal or better options?

I’ve heard and read has a good template layout with lots of content and ez to maintain and is geared towards RE investors. I’m in the process of making the switch from my template site that has been very easy for me to do but has very limited RE options whereas TRES is all about real estate and it’s only a few bucks more a month than mine is right now. Not sure though if their price includes hosting or not so I’ll need to look into that b4 I make the leap.

I found where u can get a free website and you change and add text, but for the works you have to pay extra. I think its pretty neat.

I do a lot of geurilla marketing(bandit signs) do you guys find these websites you are talking about bring in a lot of new business or help maintain the business you already have? Are they worth the money?

I would recommend signing up for lead broker sites. They offer free motivated seller leads. You get the basics of the leads sent to you and if it is a deal you like you can purchase the lead.
I have a site right now that is generating leads across the nation. check it out. You can follow my name to get there.

I get emails from the FastHomeOffers folks, several a day, but you can only specify states, which isn’t that feasible. I’ve bought a few of their leads for $35, but they’re all over the place, no deals.

Monte, that’s a good question. I’ve yet to buy a house specifically from someone who filled out a form found in my “I Buy Houses” ads, but I use them for selling properties with some success, and I think it saves (some) time having to explain stuff on the phone. I use blank templates to create “Free Special Reports” and such that drive sellers to call me. I have 20 different URLs all managed through GoDaddy that forward to specific pages, some of which are specialized and aren’t even accessible from my home page. I think in this day and age if you don’t have a website, you’re viewed as fly-by-night. I can’t prove that because I don’t know how many people contact me who might otherwise not, but I think a site gives me credibility, which in this business counts for a lot.

I’m in the process of using for myself. It’s user friendly and approximately $5.95 a month. I don’t quite have it up and running yet, but like the format so far.