Websites for Real Estate Investors

Does anyone have recommendations / advice for a company to build my website for a reasonable fee? Thanks.

You could try You can quickly and easily build websites for the purpose of buying properties, selling properties, building a buyers list and branding their company. I kinda pricey but it is convenient and easy to use especially majority of us here are not web developers, coders or programmers.

Ok. Yes, I heard about and researched them before and thought they were pricey, as you mentioned. However, it may be worth it. Thanks for the response.

i would go with

Mine is custom built but most investors use Carrot. It has pretty strong SEO built into it and is a good option.

OK. Thanks to all of you who responded. I really appreciate the advise.

I meant the advice. HaHaHa!

Carrot is definitely the way to go.

Before Carrot, I had built 3 different lead gen websites from scratch. It’s a ton of work to get it set up and then you have to also write a lot of content yourself. Your custom site will also not be optimized for SEO like a Carrot site will.

There’s a website in my market where someone literally took a stock Carrot website, did nothing to it, and it ranks as high as #2 for some searches. That’s pretty powerful.

Carrot to start with. Close some deals and let the deals fund to have your website customized by a professional company.

Another vote for Carrot. I have talked to some people that like Lead Propeller. forsure. Well worth the cost.

I built my own with the help of some very talented people in the Philippines. Not a bad route although it pays to have an understanding of website design, SEO, and what you are trying to achieve. If you want more info let me know. I’m an open book for sure. There really is no secret sauce to it all. It just takes a lot of work and patience and consistency. Good luck going forward. If you are in real estate and you are looking to grow you really do need a website. It doesn’t mater which part of real estate you are in.
The best time to start this was 10 years ago. The second best time to start this is… TODAY!

I agree with above mentions, there are plenty of places to build a website for pretty cheap. The goal should be to optimize it for google rankings via SEO growth. is the leading choice for most investors web presence as it is build with SEO in mind and has a TON of content built out “open box”. They have tons of training materials on how to set up a website with their platform and that is why we use and we recommend Carrot to everyone. Thank you and god bless - Patrick

This is a little late but I too give another vote for :carrot:

Their training and support is top notch. You don’t have to be a techie to be able to rank #1 in your market.

Keith Sant