hey guys i want to know if anyone knows of any dotcom websites that are free or low cost that i can get to start a website up for my buyers to view my propertys that a take pictures of…

hi chuck ,

I laughed when I stumbled across this but
I don’t know if either are any good but post back if you use one. Herbster

It will only cost you $25 to register your domain name and thats it.

LOL @herbster… thanx guys im going to check them out is very inexpensive. I’ve used them for @ 4yrs now and no problems. 24/7 customer care. Domains for 7.99 and 9.99
I have seen the vista print site and wondered if anyone had tried them also.

How ironic…in today’s mail was a catalouge from Vista Prints. They seem to have some great deals and you can try the website service for a free month. They also do alot of promotional materials with your logo etc to match business cards, pens, cups, tshirts, brochures etc. So there’s an option.

Hey Chuck, What one did you choose and did you like the results? Herbster

If you just want a free website you can go to that have a free membership with 2 free websites.

You can also register your own domain name and create a simple site using Google Sites. It works great, my wife used it to build herself a website for her classroom (she’s a teacher) but they have tons of templates and it’s easy to use.

You have to configure it though to work with your own domain name.

Hello forum…just tries connectedinvestor…a promo code is needed…does anyone know how to get around that code or have a code number i can use…Thank You…
any other suggestions for free or trial websites…
Thanks again…

I use drupal for the design of sites that i create and use ( it’s free and open source. as for the hosting there are plenty of free hosts out there. the trick to using them is understanding that you don’t have control

I use they have a free version or paid. For the free version your web will be www.webs/, plus ads. If you register for the year $80 plus $10 mo you get your own domain and no ads (you can add your own). Very easy to use, don’t need any web experience to use. Drupal is very good but you have to have some web building knowledge. I would go the inexpensive route and then upgrade later. Here is my site so you can see what you can do. It’s not Real estate related so please don’t mark this as spam.

Theres plenty of resources for a website just make sure you have an actual domain name…very unprofessional when you have

exactly @Vapor thats was exactly what i didnt want. because if you advertise people are not gonna remember all that… @Herbster i think im gonna go with they have a special promotiom first month free and you can registar a domain and the have website templates you can you for like $5 a month after the first free one…you can change your adwords and see how many visted your site everyday and all that…

Drupal is good. Wordpress is good. Just buy a domain. It’s typically $10/year for the name and $5/month for hosting. I use Hostgator, for $8/month I can have 25 sites. When using Hostgator there is a control panel and it will automatically install about 100 different frameworks like drupal or wordpress - whatever you want for free, and then go out and get a theme (template) for it for free. Then modify and add content. Owning it yourself gives you complete control. If it’s a subdomain, the company can pull the plug on you, or not give you options you want, etc.

go with godaddy cheap and reputable