anybody know where to get free templates for investors (we buy homes).

I dont know of any free templates. My guess would be you are going to get what you pay for anyways. There are several inexpensive investor websites (as well as several very expensive and overpriced investor websites) you may want to take a look at though. I would start with Jeff Adams websites at

find one you like, and copy it.

If you are looking to build a website check out the link below to a package deal that you build your own site but is very easy and includes hosting and helps with key words and gets the search engines to spider your site building a web site is not that hard check it out


I use for all of my website. They do really high quality sites for much less than the competition. One of my sites was quoted anywhere between $12,500 and $40,000… is doing it for $8,000 PLUS they’re adding a bunch of extra stuff that wasn’t in the original bid! You can’t beat that!

They also did Chateau Commercials website… If I remember correctly it was for $3,000. The next lowest bid was $6,500.

The quality of their work is among the best of the best. All coding is custom for each website, that is, they don’t use the code from one website and copy and paste to another to save time. For security and individuality purposes each website they do has unique custom coding.

I don’t normally give endorsements to other companies unless they REALLY go above and beyond in my opinion. I tend to be rather critical in judging ones performance when I’m giving thousands of dollars to them. Over the years I have interviewed hundreds of webmasters for different companies I worked for, then later in life for my own companies. I can honestly say that as long as is in business I wont be doing any more webmaster interviews.

The sites I mentioned above all include back end data basing, and user / admin interfaces. If you don’t want an in depth website like this, or if you don’t have the budget for one this complex then you can always start with an informational site.

As I said, the sites above all have very complex structures with control panels that allow for multiple user logins, site data management, user management, data entry, data logging, live internet chat services, payment gateway integration, and much more. For many of you a simple informational site will be more than enough for you. The most data basing available on these kinds of sites is done on the contact page.

Any webmaster you go to will require the same basic info in order to build you a website. The webmaster BUILDS the site that YOU create. The information you are required to supply includes:

Color scheme (Primary colors, additional colors)
Theme (corporate, industrial, modern, technical etc.)
Navigation layout (horizontal/vertical, left side, right side, top, bottom)
Navigation style (flash, graphic, textual, dynamic, special effects)
CSS (font styles, font colors)
Internal Links (count and placement)
External Links (count and placement)
Accessibility Guidelines (section 508 etc.)

Good Luck!

One more thing.

If you fill out the form under the “Request a Quote” page of you will notice the referral ID# at the bottom of the form that gives you 10% off if referred.

You will also notice the Affiliate program shown on the right side of the page that offers a 10% referral commission for all successful website referrals. I spoke with Brian, the owner of after I made my last post and got the OK from him to offer a special made in this forum post only.

For those of you who use the referral code ID#: REI You will get the 10% off for the referral AND another 10% for my would be referral commission. So in other words you get 20% off on your site. Be sure to use this referral code when you submit your request for a quote or it will not apply.

I make my living in Real Estate, not in referral commission of websites. has done so well on my websites, and I am so pleased with them, that I took the time to let you know about them as well, for the benefit of and for you!

Good Luck! :beer

Have you seen

Also, has some professional looking websites worth looking at. Unfortunately, they don’t have a search option, but if you find something there, chances are it will be pretty nice.

Your website should be a sales letter not pretty pictures…etc. People go to websites to find out more information or figure out what you do, so give it to them. Sell them on the benefits of doing business with you. Tell them what they would gain by contacting you right NOW.

All you need are:

  1. Very good sales letter
  2. Form Submit to get basic information from them (name, address, what is it worth, how much, how fast need to move, why selling, additional info box)
  3. Testimonials (if you are not collecting them, then shame on you!)
  4. Phone number in case they prefer to call you, most would submit online unless they have more questions.

fadi has a great point which I forgot to mention. You really need to think about a website that looks professional looking versus a professional converting website. Pretty graphics and whatnot may add flair to your website, but that is not what visitors are interested in. They want answers to their questions and they want them quick. Your goal should be to accomplish this and have visitors naturally acquire trust in you.