i’ve been wanting to start a website so that i can generate leads and manage my information. I’ve seen several people selling their webhosting and website systems but which is the best and gives me the most value for my money. has anyone tried one and how did it work

I researched a lot of them and they’re overpriced. I think networking and birddogging pays off better. I saw some really fancy sites that had lead generations tools, samples of ads, etc. but the money fees were high. The investors I know mostly focus on bandit signs and local marketing. They have decent websites, but don’t pay for the templates since those are extra monthly fees.

I’d look on Craigslist or ask local REIclub members who they use and get an inexpensive site for starters. As your business grows, you can put more money into the site if needed.

I would have to agree with the above stated points.

However I do have a website but that is easy for me to do since I also do internet marketing. I just use the website address on my business cards. I would much rather build a strong local business then try and build one on the internet and have leads coming in from all over the country, but thats just me.

If you could be more specific about your end goals and what you really want it for maybe we could help you out some more.

I have to agree with the others in that it matters what exactly the web site will be used for and the cost effectiveness of getting/maintaining one. Also, what do you mean by “manage my information”? Like a list of properties you have for rent/sale?

Another thing you want to consider is will you be designing/maintaining the site yourself, or outsourcing EVERYTHING. I’m web-savvy, so I designed and maintain mine myself. It’s hosted off of, who charges me something like $45-50/year for the hosting and domain name. There are places on the web where you can get decent web templates for FREE, too.

There is a company that does it for $24/month and $24 setup for real estate hosted website. You get to choose from limited look and feel templates, but you can 100% customize the content and create as many forms as you like.

I am setting one up with them. I will post the link to it later, I don’t have it on this machine.

Ok the company is when you click on the link to generate a website, you go to which allows you to create a real estate website for $24/month. You can create a 10 days trial

Very cool, fadiz - thanks for sharing!

I looked at the FAQ’s, but couldn’t find anything about throughput limitations, if any (i.e., 1GB/month), and any additional costs for going over the limit, web support (other than the $49.90 package) and any additional support costs, supported programming languages (just HTML & JavaScript) and any additional costs for adding them, storage space limitations and costs for additional storage, and the ability to handle domain forwarding/aliasing and any costs to do it. I sent them an email with these questions, and hope to get a response soon.