Website to Find Forclosures/Notice of Default Residential

Can anyone please suggest a good, and ECONOMICAL (less than $50/month), service for finding Foreclosures and Notice of Default properties? Have looked through posts and not found this information so I apologize if this is an ambiguous question. Thank you.

One of the best that I have found (in addition to finding the information online from your local courthouse) is RealtyTrac. The website is It is just under $50 a month.

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If you’re looking for REOs, the best way to go is to get mls access.

As far as NODs, I think Realtytrac offers an inexpensive service, although I don’t know how accurate their info is. I think they offer a free trial, so you might want to check that out.

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The best place to find NODS is to look at your county’s public records website (if it exists). I pull my lists by looking up all the Lis Pendens filed. I take down the names and address and send them a postcard. Best part is it’s free! If you are in Morris County NJ shoot me a PM as I publish the list online for free.

The lis penden list is old news to the pros.

couple of websites that have like alot of links are:

They’re like case websites but they do have a TON of foreclosure websites listed.