website to find comps?

Is there a good website to find what houses have sold for in a particular area? Any help would be great.

Yes, it’s called the MLS (Multile Listing Service)… fantastico!!! You have to take some classes, pass a licensing exam, put down a little cash and you’re in!

Do you have a specific property you would like to research?


what state are you in? The only one’s I am having a hard time finding a good free site for is ut, Oh and NJ

REO, do you have a site for sold comps in TX? Specifically the Fort Worth area?

I’ll second that MLS is the way to go. I’ve had my license for 1.5 yrs and work with a 3 agent team. We could not do anything without MLS.

I think this one works in all states. It does not give you specific comps, but give you a recent range.


That’s a great site, that should hold me over until I get my license and access to the MLS in October. Thanks.