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Hello, fellow investors.
Question for those of you who advertise the website on google or yahoo. How much do you pay a day for the clicks (average). I know, I know … a lot depends on the number of keywords and the price you’re willing to pay per each click. But I just need a general idea.
And most important question - does this way of advertising pay back ? Have you gotten any deals off your website yet ?

Any input is deeply appreciated !!!

I use Google AdWords successfully. I use only a few key phrases:

sell house quick
sell house fast
stop foreclosure

I offer to pay up to $5 per click. I have a daily budget of $50. I get about 15 clicks per day and a few leads from those. Most are not worth anything. I did find my first deal this way, however, and I net $32,000 from it in about two months. Needless to say, I am going to keep it up.

I have another two deals pending from this advertising. If you can fine-tune it, it works.

Like newbie said, it does pay… it just takes time. I do A LOT of advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN and it just takes a little time to find the right mix of keywords, Ad content and a good website to entice conversions. If I were you I would call Google directly. They’ll help you set up your first Adwords campaign and can give you an idea of what things will cost. I’ve found that if your budget is tight, try to target more and definitely do local campaigns so you don’t blow your budget. Going after popular keywords like “foreclosure” will cost you a lot of money, but you will eventually get some great leads. Use Google’s tools (and Yahoo/Overture’s too for that matter) to determine which keywords will give you the most traffic.



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