Website: / Massachusetts

Just wondering if anyone has subscribed to this site and actually bought real estate this way. Is the site updated frequently (how many days out/hours)? Is it realiable?

I did try the trial. It seemed updated daily. However I didn’t end up following up on hardly any leads. Many of the homes are on the MLS for different prices so I’m not sure what’s up there.

Some day when I have time to try a different strategy I’d like to seriously test it out.

One thing to warn though if you do a trial run, use a test email account to sign up with. They pretty much never say good bye. They keep e-mailing you almost daily about posting your deals on their site (this is free) or signing up to receive the details of deals on there.

At the end of your trial they’ll start offering better costs, so wait it out if you’re wanting to sign up.


Did you try it? How is/did it work(ing) out?

The guy who owns that website spams like crazy with advertisements. If someone is so desperate to result to spamming to get customers — I would not trust a company like that. I highly suspect the cost of the service is not worth what you get since the guy cannot afford regular advertising