Website for my REI business

I am looking to get a website for my REI business and was hoping someone could give me some recommendations for a company I should use to create my website. I have heard good things about Autopilot Websites and Anyone else heard of these or others??

Are you looking for pre-packaged websites or are you going to create one yourself? The one you mentioned costs $2000 sign up and $200/month if not mistaken, do you really need such a website?

You can get a hosting for $3/month and do your own website or hire a college kid to do it for you if you know what you want on it.

I have had Supersmart webprofits since they got started. I would not change a thing. I am not a IT or Techie person. But the interface is totally awesome. It is a virtual office. I have 4 sites. Buy, Sell, Save and Borrow.

go to…you can contract out people to do work. typically these are programmers who moonlight; therefore you can get really good deals. This is exactly what I did and was able to get a good site built for pretty cheap.

Good luck.

This is a good place for Real Estate Websites

Tell them when you e-mail them that Wallace Hobbs recommended you to them
and they will either shoot you or give you a good deal…

Can’t remember which they do? :cool

I’m not sure how fancy you are looking to get with your website, but you can get some pretty cheap templates at

Unfortunately, even though they look professional, they are definitely not focused on SEO.