Website for "Actuals?"


Does anyone know of a website for finding out the actual price in which a house sold for? NOT the listing price, but the final agreed upon price?

Steve in So Cal

I use the county auditor’s website. When title transfers in the county it is recorded at the auditor’s office. They have everything on their website from taxes to sale prices. Do a search for your county auditor’s website in google.

A awesome site to check out what houses sold for is I work with many investors around the country and they love this site. You can zoom in on a satellite image and give what a house is worth, and what houses in the area sold for. But remember, not all these house values are 100% accurate, but pretty close. This is where I do many of my comps. It also gives you appreciation for the area and individual houses. Best part, its free.


I’d be careful with that zillow. There’s no subsitute for MLS and actual sales data. I pulled my checked the value on my home using zillow, they were only off by 300k. whoops. They were on a talk show not too long ago about how inacurate they were.

I am a realtor. In my MLS when a listing goes to sold status we input the sold price along with any concessions amount that may have been paid. Contact your realtor they will be able to tell you. I get phone calls often like that in subdivisions where I have a home listed. It’s no trouble to do and takes all of 5 minutes to do, if that.

If you don’t have a realtor, you can always get it from public record.

I definitley agree, I pulled my house and it still has it at a 3/2, when I actually had several additions on it and now is a 4/2, I forgot to mention that you should check with a realtor in the area, this is where due diligence comes in. But it’s a great to find out what houses sold and for how much, this way you can get a decent FMV. Thanks for clearing that up.