Website Feedback

Hello Fellow Investors,

I would love to get some feedback on the website I just launched! Let me know if there are things you would change to make it better, errors or issues you see, etc.

Thank you,

omies, I’ll give you some feedback. You dedicated too much real estate to nothing that adds anything to your page. I condensed the header to it’s essence …DraMorr Properties and added a phone number.

You don’t want to clog the prime reading panel area with fluff. In fact, if I had more time, I would have illustrated some kind of “free help offer” at the very top of the page.

You want something to offer that will encourage people to give you their contact information. “How to appraise your own property” Then you can begin building a base of prospective customers that will want your help later, if not now. You put them on your email autoresponder and keep in contact with them.

Here’s what shows now…

Here’s my suggestion.

Notice that most of the page will now show up in the browser window, instead of having to scroll down. Plus YOUR contact number is the first thing they will sell.

Hope that helps. I could say a lot more, but…

Thanks! What else didn’t you say?? I want to make the website the best itcan be so anything is welcome!

OK, a couple more things. First, your website should serve as both a sales page and information page. However, the web copy needs to reflect a unique and compelling position/proposition …focused toward a particular niche of prospects.

Q: What does your ideal prospect look like and want from you?
Q: What is it that you offer that is unique and appeals to a particular person/customer.

Whatever your answer it needs to resonate with a particular niche of prospects. Drill deep and sell the benefits of having specific skills, training, or competence.

That’s basic marketing 101, but this is some professional juice here…

Alternatively, you could frame your benefits as a consultant with ‘proven’ solutions. And then list them.

You say that you are NY NJ’s “creative solution to any and all real estate situation…” Really? Any situation? What exactly does that hype include?

Does that mean you can do a Mortgage Sandwich Lease Buy-back with an Option? If you can, you’re the most creative person I’ve ever heard of. Congratulations. If not, then you’ve just undermined your credibility at the get-go.

Stay away from impulse buying, hypey jargon and ad copy on a professional services website. Avoid the term “creative.” “Creative” means nothing more than snake oil salesman to the average layman. Your solutions may be so creative that Andy Worhol would turn over in his grave in awe, but the only persons this resonates positively with, at face value, is you and me.

We don’t want to hard-sell the prospective customer. So, get rid of the 'click here to find out how we can help you…" That’s a non-starter.

That’s right down there with ‘come here little girl…’ Most little girls would ‘run’… The rest…? Well, that’s for another discussion.

Instead, tell people what you can do for them right up front and include corroborative testimonials, with a photo, if possible.

Look at other real estate professionals sites and consider doing the opposite of any of them. Most of them are branding sites only, and have all the taste and appeal of a plastic banana, including your current version. Otherwise, they’re often arranged and formatted to appeal to their existing clients, not necessarily to attract news ones.

Put up a PR photo of yourself that helps give the page some personality.

Offer an article link with a curiosity inducing headline such as, “Family Goes Broke Doing This…” Of course then you write an article that tells a story of a family that tried to sell their home themselves without your help, expertise, speed, and they ended up in foreclosure trying. Why? Because they didn’t know how to sell a house with little or no equity, like you offer your clients. [Or related something else that fits that scenario.]

What that does is simply create something that resonates with your prospect and anchors them emotionally, if not psychologically to your website …and to you.

So, list the benefits of dealing with you… Lose the hype and snake oil ad copy… Include a call for action (didn’t really cover this)… Offer free advice or reasons why people should do business with you (articles, reports, etc)… Include testimonials from a couple of folks that vouch for your integrity, professionalism and the solutions you offered (that support the solutions you’ve listed elsewhere).

That all said, you have listed some pain inducers such as ‘tired’ ‘fed up’ ‘can’t sell’ and then listed some solutions such as lease/purchases. And you’ve outlined several benefits to ostensibly selling to you, if not giving you a listing opportunity.

These are good, but somehow they don’t flow. I would at least ‘bulletize’ these points, so they are easier to read. Which brings me to another point… readability and impact.

I would replace “Welcome” with some benefit laden headline such as,

“We’ll Buy Your House
In 7 Days or Less…!”
( Call Today For Details )

Or write something real and compelling, without the hype.

And finally, a short video of you sharing about yourself and effectively repeating your web copy.

OK, that’s all I’ve got for now.

P.S. Ditch the plea for more houses for your clients at the bottom. Who cares if they need houses? Instead just say you buy houses in any condition, anywhere, and from anyone. Call today and let’s get your house sold.