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How do I find a website maker/designer who can put together a rei website for me…affordable? I know exactly what I want and have the text written up in Word, but I need someone to put it together.


There are some great sites with web page templates that you can buy. Ranging $60 - $90 or so. You might have to be a little web savy though… but not too much.

Mine was a template by invest-o-matic. It works well. Lets you load your pics of your properties, check stats, ect.

There are companies that will design a site for you for around $700, one time fee for preparing the site design, and then you own it, manage it, and update it.

There are companies, like invest-o-matic that provide you their template with the bells and whistles, and charge you a setup fee for an out of the box, all alike format, with the same information on on their sites, but different contact information. And charge you a monthly fee for as long as you wish to be associated with them. If you ever change your mind, you’ll have to create your own site with different content.

Good Luck!


Are you looking for a custom site that also allows you to change things on the fly or a simple static site that just has some basic information?

My recommendation will be for THey have built our site and i am very happy with the results.

Nice site, but it appears that you’ve got a statis site, since it shows it hasn’t been updated since 2003.

Need to keep the sites up to date, so visitors think you’re on top of it, with current information. Or remove the dates.

Did the link exchange and added your link to my site as another service resource for my visitors, even though they may look at my site, and need a RE Agent, if they don’t pick me, I still want them to be able to find one.

Good Luck!


Thanks for the link. Actually, the site is in constent turnover. ALthough the date hasnt been changed. The site is modified on a daily basis. We are having Volico working now on a completely new site that will add allot of added services to the site. I am also working on a free real estate agent directory at which will be ready in the next couple of days.

That’s really great! But why are you doing this, is it making you any money? Or just creating a large database of agents across the nation?

If Volico would just change the copywrite date from (c) 2003-2005 to keep it current in that perspective I guess.

New and fresh is always good, more bells and whistles sometimes better.

But is it imformative… You bet!

Good Luck!


I looked at several template sites and decided that none of them rank well with search engines due to the repetive content and being designed in frames. so i decided to build my own from scratch. I know for all that is not the most cost effective use of time, but it worked for me, and as a result of ranking higher, I occasionally get found by people just surfing, that i did not spend any advertising dollars on.

take a look: is a free directory that will contain sponsored listings areas just like the search engines. To recieve the free directory listing, you must put a link on your page to it that is provided so that your listing stays active. is a directory that gives each agent listed with it Exclusive rights to an entire county. I was tired of advertising on other sites where in the same page i was listed, I had hundreds of other agents. I was also tired of signing up for LEADS services that simply spammed me with USELESS emails. I would sign up, get leads via email which i would have to fight for because 50 other agents recieved the same lead.

Hence, i built as a exclusive realestate agent directory. I also went a step further and added extensive glossary and frequently asked questions.

As always, I am open to suggestions…


I can suggest a couple of things that i learned regarding ranking.

keep your title tags 3-5 words MAX…
Make your H1 tags on the site the SAME as the title tag.
use Strong tags rather then bold.
use H2 tags as well.

I got this form

Those sound like good tips, however, would you decipher it for us. What are the title tags, strong tags, H1 tag?? I’m in the process of developing mine now.

The title tag defines what appears in the title bar of your web browser’s window; for example, the title tags for this page would be “Website designers” (well, sort of; this site is actually using more advanced scripting).

The Strong tags are used in place of bold tags; “your text” instead of “your text”.

H1-H6 are all Heading tags (they define a heading). H1 is the largest, while H6 is the smallest. Play around with the tags to see how they works. “

this is a big heading

” “
this is a small heading
” …

More more information on these tags, or to learn about more tags, I’ve found to be an excellent source of information.

NOTE: the H1 tag tells the engines that what ever is encapsulated in it is very important to the viewer… you can modify the look, size, and feel of the header tags by using CSS (cascading style sheets).

The appearance of the text within the H tags can be modified with traditional font tags as well (face, color, size, etc…).