Website critique

is it acceptable to post a landing page website to have critiqued?

It’s not my website, however one of my bird dog wants to try his hand at passively generating leads. Since I currently dont use website b/c all my business is from referrals I told him that I would post up in a few forum boards and ask for suggestions.

I just didn’t want to post up a link and upset any moderators.


Let’s take a look at what your Bird Dog is offering…should be interesting to critique form an investors stand point.

John $Cash$ Locke

Thanks John!
I’ll forward the responses directly to him.

I should also tell you that his end goal is to create a lead generation site that he can sell leads for nominal prices. I told him while he’s researching and creating a business plan to get a site up and start somewhere while he’s getting feedback during his progress.

thanks again for any suggestions or remarks, I will forward all the responses to him

:banghead always spell check before posting a website online. People look for spelling mistakes to see if its legit or not. Just my .02 cents with a .01 cent refund

your refund check is in the mail :bobble

Thanks again, I did inform him to keep a dictionary within reach at all times.

I also just sent him in the direction of a guy ‘Terry Wygal’
so hopefully he’ll be able to seriously improve his abilities.

Once he get some improvements made I’ll bump this thread and ask for more critique.

Also the link to where it say ‘fill out my form’ goes directly to him
If anyone would be so kind to contact him directly and give some words of wisdom , I think he’ll enjoy that.

When I clicked through to the form I got a dead link.

I also like to see a picture and maybe some testimonials to add credibility… with that being said I have yet to add both of those to my buy site and it still pulls ok.