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I have just started putting a web site together for my business and wonder if anyone else that has one can give me any tips on how you use yours to get the best results. Primarily I will be focusing on preforclosures and other “don’t want” or highly motivated sellers. Any other tips or advice would be welcome.

1 main tip which people usually don’t follow.

Put your contact information everywhere! Email, phone, fax, etc… It will help a lot, don’t hide your contact information on a small contact page, put it everywhere.


Thanks Grant,
This is quite an undertaking and I can use all the tips I can get. I had never really thought about all that goes into this till I started trying to put the marketing plan together. So many little things like your tip can have an enormous impact on the succes of the site.
Thanks again

Don’t forget to promote your website online, focus on search engine optimization with special attention on Google

Another thing to think about… if you are buying junker properties in bad neighborhoods or doing sect 8 type deals. A website might not be the best way of getting your name out. Think about the type of people who would use a computer to look for real estate information. Are these the people you need to get with? or are YOU someone THEY need to get with?

Know your customers.

I agree with grant… dont hide, SHINE… add your contact information everywhere… HOWEVEr… make the email address an image to worn off those spammers that look for email accounts on websites.

for Search engine optimization, Volico has a great tutorial at http://www.volico.com/seo/tutorial.html … I know they dont show all their tricks… but it is surely enough to get you going.

-Good luck

While an image of your email address is a great method of protecting your email box from SPAM, it removes the possibility of using a “mailto:” link as a convenience for visitors. There are plenty of good SPAM filters available, so you may want to consider one as an option. Deciding which way to go is really more of a matter of preference, as both have their pros and cons. (2¢)

Or you can place a form in your webpage, for the curious seller to fill out and submit it to you, directing right to your email inbox. That will eliminate the spammers as well.

Good Luck