Web site help

I hope this isn’t against the rules :-.…I’m not trying to advertise…just looking for advice.

My partner and I disagree on how our web site should be set-up. We don’t have the cash to pay someone to put it together so we’re doing it ourselves.

Please take a look…any recomendations/“how to’s” would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance!!


Glad to meet you.

Your web site lacks the most important part.

You do not have a headline that will grab the reader to read on.

If you spend $1 buck on your advertising message then 80 cents of that buck better be on your headline or you just wasted a buck.

John $Cash$ Locke.

Thanks $Cash$…Point taken. We are working this very issue as we speak.

Look at your rent to own page:

this is pretty much how you should set up the rest of the page. also use ALIGN=LEFT for your images and the text will fit nicer!