Wealth Expo NY

well it’s late and i just got in. (11:15pm Sunday).

two words:

Tony Robbins

i will certainly post more on this incredible experience!

oh, and i shook the hand of none other than - Robert Kiyosaki!

it was fantastic.

Did you get any on you?


That’s a shame, if I knew you were gonna be there, I would have liked to meet up. I sat in James Smith’s seminar instead of Tony Robbins. I was turned off by Tony.


james smith? which one was he?

Tony Robbins was incredible. If you would have stayed, his presentation was unbelievable. for me, it was like a reintroduction back to the way i was just about 10 months ago - which had nothing to do with real estate.

it was about a mindset. being a Christian - my spiritual awakening was given to me by God. i didn’t create it in myself. but at Tony’s presentation - i was reintroduced back into what it takes to SUSTAIN extraordinary feelings of power, focus and DRIVE.

i’m an extremely driven person. when i set my sites on something, i get it. it may take me longer than the next guy, but i get there…now.

before, i was a motivated person - bouts of up and down…now i’m just driven. his presentation helped me to understand that it takes more than realizing the gifts you have to offer others, but practicing EVERYDAY, DOING THEM!

i can tell you this…i didn’t get what i go in Scott Sheel’s presentation, kiyosaki’s presentation or Trump’s…or anyone elses.

i enjoyed EVERY MAJOR presentor - they were all incredible.

all paid pretty close attention to the totality of life - not just wealth. if anything, i would say that Kiyosaki is the only one who really didn’t identify personally, with his spriritual connection.

Trump was fantastic. funny as hell.

i passed out about 100 cards or so. it was great.

i myself am very driven as well.

unfortunately i made it to the city pretty late (when tony robbins was speaking). i ended up running to the place because i was unable to get a cab…and those which were “on duty” said they weren’t going that way (typical). anyway when i finally arrived, i found out that trump wasn’t speaking on saturday, but sunday. i was pretty pissed because he was one of the main reasons why i was going. i changed my schedule around so i could attend one of the days and see him speak. at any rate, upon arriving at this time and having tony not speak of any rei…i quickly hunted for a seminar which i could pick up a few things. i ended up going to james smith’s seminar. i have mixed views on him after reading up on the internet…however his seminar was pretty awesome.

i went out for a bathroom break and tony had everyone jumping up and down. now while i applaud him for his enthusiasm and getting everyone to think positive, i coudlnt help but get the feeling: “look at all these suckers. he’s got them jumping up and down. everyone’s getting buzzed up to purchase these products which 90% of the crowd will never make use of”. i see that you received alot of benefit out of it which im glad to hear. maybe if i was there from the beginning i would have had a different outlook. i guess im just very skeptical of these gurus and who to believe etc. i feel that you have to be extra tight with your wallet when dealng with these guys.

as i mentioned above, im pretty driven so i think it was better for me to attend a seminar that would allow me to learn a few more things…or at least learn about topics which i should research here ;]

what have a learned thus far? that forums like this (i’m a member of a few others) are the best “courses” you’ll find. they (you guys) have also acted as my mentors.


ps - TMCG, where you live and invest mostly?

I listened to Tony Robbins for about 3 minutes. I still cannot understand how he was able to get some many people clapping and jumping for so long , screaming “yea”. That was Saturday. I wanted to go back on Sunday but I was unable to. Also the first day wasn’t as exciting as I was expecting it to be. Most of the seminars I had attended before so I mostly browse the exhibit area. But I must say that guy Tony is amazing.

Anyone going to the Boston or any other seminars?