WE BUY UGLY HOUSES!!....(question)

has anybody ever see the signs that say we buy ugly houses?. as a wholesaler are they good people to call to flip the properties to. ?


You’re referring to Homevestors.
They’re primarily a wholesale franchise.
Lots of overhead to join up.

As for your 2nd question…
Call 'em and see what you can work out.

They also could be people using the same phrase as Homevestors so its not necessarily them. Though HV did sue most of the people using that phrase.

Yeah, there’s a guy around Dallas posting signs by telephone poles […everywhere it seems like] that say “We Buy Pretty Houses”…I’m sure that’s a spin on the Homevestors slogan. Hopefully he won’t get caught, as I’ve heard they DO sue the @#$#@# out of anyone who uses any variation of that slogan.

I have bought 2 homes from them, and they were very professional and they actually left enough room in the deals so they made a little and I made alot.

I had heard that they sue people for using “we buy ugly houses” so instead I put “We buy Houses” on my signs and cards and bought the phone number 1-877-YOU-UGLY, I have actually had people call my phone number, and think that I am homevestors, just because they see the word ugly in my toll free.

They have very high overheads and have to sell a lot of houses. You can get some deals from them on houses they don’t want ot rehab.

I purchased several houses from them in the past few months.

As for selling them houses. Their margins are tight. I would try going through various investment clubs to find wholesale buyers.


I have someone from Homevestors (We Buy Ugly Houses) on my buyer’s list. I’ll flip to anyone that will pay the cash!