I think alot of distrss homeowners or even regular prople are tired of seeing we buy houses signs every where. How about if some one uses something different. I have couple. Tell me which one would be good

Home solutions Consultants
We can help

Real Estate investment Specialists
Let us help
Let me know what you guys think about this. Or if anybody else uses something different

Howdy IndiansREI:

How about this one I read somewhere:


$500 if you find me a house to buy

From the Old West Days. Everyone likes rewards

I agree that people do not even see the signs anymore! What I did was to buy a building on a main street and am going to put up my “we buy houses” sign incorporated into my business storefront sign.

Business Name
We Buy Houses/All Cash/Fast Settlement
website address
phone number

That is the whole sign. The sign goes up tomorrow.

Masoning, I think that the store sign on the main street touting that “We Buy houses” is a great strategy. I’m sure that the phone will be ringing consistently with motivated home sellers. If I was going to keep putting out We Buy Houses signs, then I would include the word Ugly in the text, because this weeds out the people with nice homes to sell that aren’t motivated. Ugly houses have the most equity, typically.

I think you really need to give a person who sees your sign motivation to call, you need to make them want to take the time to write your phone number, You need what the previous post stated…something like “We Buy Houses/All Cash/Fast Settlement” They need to know how you are going to benefit them, that its worth their time to write your number and call you because you offer what they want.

I wouldn’t really wanna call “Home Solutions Consultants” or “Real Estate Investment Specialists”. The average motivated seller would probably have no idea what those things are.

So, even though “We Buy Houses” is played out and many folks ignore the signs, since it says precisely what you do, when a motivated seller sees one of those signs rights when he realizes she needs to sell before something in her life explodes, chances are, she’ll call you up.

You can even use some sort of variation like “Lisa Buys Houses” to pique their interest, especially since folks are more likely to call a chick than a dude…

Guys around here use billboard signs.

How well they work???

Lately I have seen people putting up a break down of costs of an investment property. Its just a sign and it’s laid out like this

House - $40,000
Repairs - $20,000
Value - $110,000

I know this is not what you want to put up for leads per say but it can help to get interested parties. It may also lead to some saying “I’m not looking to buy but I’m looking to sell, can you help me with that?” Little bit of a stretch but I’ve seen crazier things happen. Just a suggestion :biggrin

I tried “We Buy Houses” signs in my neighborhood. I got more calls from other investors than homeowners.

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