We Are All Worthy

I’m in training, my subconscious is being injected with some amazing stuff. I have MP3’s playing from 3 dif sources, all day and night, I got it playing on my desktop, stereo, my bedroom stereo and my TV and stereo in the living room. Sometimes I play it all night long in my bedroom while I sleep, it’s at low volume and I heard our brains, the subconscious, can pick it up even while sleeping.
I’m doing success, weight loss, confidence, health, and a few other areas I want to grasp. Subliminal and hypnosis.
My favorite is the you tube videos, some are 9 hrs long.
I heard this only works with consistent action. And we have to believe we are deserving and worthy,
That’s the biggie,

We are all worthy, we just have to BELIEVE it.

Let’s make some Money…


Rando, that is some awesome stuff. I’m gonna start doing that. You’re taking it to the next level. I just recently watched the secret and our minds are way more powerful then the majority of us know.

I suggest you go on you tube and watch an interview with John Assaraf on how he trains his mind.
How to teach and train your brain to Get What You Really Want ? - John Assaraf

One of the comments I read on a similar site stated that he’s just a trained monkey. But everything we do takes training, why not train our minds to create wealth?

This thread caught my interest. I have to say the John Assaraf video was pretty great.

Thanks for the post Rando

With passion, determination and the driving will, we are worthy at everything. Sometimes it is hard in the beginning but it will be easier in the end.

This is a great thread though. :smiley:

Yeah its true… its sound like you need more to discover :help i understand the feeling :slight_smile:

I come across people who can’t seem to get off the dime.

I’m convinced that they just don’t want the result they say they want …bad enough.

Otherwise, they get just so far, and then ‘something’ gets in their way and then they derail.

It seems to me, that desire trumps focus. If you want it bad enough, you’ll do anything to make it happen.

The problem comes back to not being willing to do what is actually required to bring about the result.

Sometimes it means losing sleep. Sometime it means not eating. Sometimes it means sacrificing family in the short run, in order to bring a blessing on them in the long run.

But those who aren’t willing to lose sleep, not eat, and unwilling to crack some eggs to make the omelette, are the same ones who end up in the ‘also ran’ lineup, rather than the winner’s circle.

So, we ask ourselves, what is it that we want, that we’re willing to do whatever it takes to get?

I’m willing to gamble that most don’t want very much for themselves, much less take a risk, or make an extra sacrifice to achieve something extraordinary. I suppose that applies to 98% of the population.

And that’s probably why 2% of the population controls 80% of the wealth. I don’t know.

**** A sales manager once told me that he looks for sales people who exhibit strong sex drives. He said, he can take someone like that, and focus their sex drive on a goal, and move mountains with them. He said, otherwise, it can be like trying to push a chain.

Which brings me to ask, "Do you ever notice that high-achievers seem to have out-sized libidos?

Just asking.

Thanks for this thread, Rando!

I’ve realized that you have to be absolutely obsessed with success and helping clients to make it. I really appreciate your thoughts on training our minds. Mindset is KEY!

I completely agree with you, Rando!

has anyone else read the miracle morning? love it! highly recommended!

Abundance mindset! $ is like a constantly flowing river that we can jump in/out of whenever we’d like to. Go out there and get it!!

Totally agree with you, thank you for this thread

“what you conceive and believe you will achieve”
Napoleon Hill