Ways to Track REI Leads, Referrals, General Info???

I’d like to know if anyone out there has a method for tracking leads and other genral info that they would recommend. I know organization is key in running your REI business and wanted to find out what others are doing. I was thinking of creating a simple database program but that may take sometime (not sure). Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have a Mac and I use Appleworks that is similar to Excel in spreadsheets. I have headings of address, seller, sqft, price. contact info etc across the top and that is about it. Easy to add and subtract contacts as I choose. Some kind of filemaker may be better but this works great for me.

Good luck and thank you

Always start with Pen and paper… Then automate from their based on your needs…

Grow to a spreadsheet…

Also, Scott Rister… has some Mail marketing software, that although, I’ve not used it… (I don’t do mailings) it looks fantastic…

[font=Tahoma]We get a TON of leads via our website which import directly into Goldmine, our contact management software.

We have Goldmine auto reply to the leads via email with any follow up requests (i.e., the didn’t fill out mortgage info or repairs) and then contact them.

We also log every conversation, email, etc we have with each seller. I can tell you everything a homeowner and one of my employees discussed for any house I’ve purchased in the last few years.