Ways to survive automation

Automation will begin taking jobs away from people

How will automation effect the real estate industry?

Will there still be Realtors? How will things change?

What jobs and small business will be automation-proof?


Ears real estate and construction will see very little change as it's not practical to spend a year setting up robots who build a house in one month when we can build that house in less than 4 months right now and bypass setting up and taking down machines. 

You have to have the human factor in real estate as you can’t let someone you don’t know enter someone’s house unescorted as theft would run rampant, contracts and negotiations don’t occur without knowledge and someone has to have direct knowledge!

It’s not likely we will have automation in real estate / construction in our lifetime. In fact I would not even automate my businesses if I could as I know people need to work and I would not want to be responsible for putting people on the streets. I don’t care about saving money at the expense of peoples lives!

Ears please ask real estate related questions as this is an investment forum and we would like to stay on point!



Plumber-Bot 5000.

“Does not compute.”

How about drones

Look how drones are changing the Real Estate Photography world

Also imagine how much $ a Wholesaler could save driving for dollars instead just flying a drone around neighborhoods

Think of virtual reality tours of houses online

Think of virtual realty tours of houses that are not even built yet

The sky is the limit for erasing (and recreating) jobs in the future

It already has. Think about it how do you find out about listings and comps? Do you call an agent or do you use the internet tools available. Even amateurs use Zillow.

I think automation is something that we all cannot avoid. How to survive? I think the best way is to be open to changes. Even if it would mean that everything will be new and uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Don’t know what to think. It’s a bit scary to be honest.

I wonder jobs will look like in the future.

Every day we learn how to work with new technologies and take advantage of them. Who thought everybody would have a phone (or two) 30 years ago? I don’t think every real estate agent will need to learn how to fly drones or create virtual tours, but there will be services which provide that for you. The important part is that for an important purchase like buying a home, the majority of people will always want to talk to people not bots.

So I think agents should try to learn about what the most productive technology applications are for their industry and find the best services that provide them for them if they don’t have the time to work on it themselves. It’s the same with social media marketing automation, video content creation, writing expert articles and running ads for your listings. There are services like the one I’m working for that do all of those things for you, keeping you top of mind (long-term) and generating leads (short-term) without you having to do more then sign up for a free trial (after that you decide if you like it, no credit card required).

If we want to survive, we must adapt from the changes in our industry. We will use every modern technology in order us to not left behind.