ways to extend a short sale auction

Good Morning !!! I’ve got a buyer for my short sale. But the auction is only a week away. I’ve gotten it postponed once. Has anyone had any luck postponing more than once. Any secrets would be greatly appreciated. I’ve be advised to call the attorney’s general banking division to assist. Thanks

It’s difficult getting it postponed more than once sometimes. If there are title issues to address sometimes you can get it postponed. Other than that the Seller can try to get their lawyer to postpone it.

Thanks !!! I’ve got the attorney’s general’s office/banking division assisting. I’ve heard that rasing some title issues might help.

try speaking with the lender. from what i’ve been told it’s really up to them. trying speaking with them directly about the issue. explain that there’s a short sale in the process etc etc.

it may work it may not.

you can also have the homeowner stand before the judge (not sure if this works on all states) and ask for an extension as a last resort.