Way to sell property FAST!

I am looking for a really good way to sell a piece of property that is not yet on the market?

How could I attract buyers or investors to the sell?

Is there an easy way of selling it fast?

i would definitly like to know as well.

Market the bejeebers out of it (newspaper, flyers, directional signs, word-of-mouth, and so on) and then sell it 10%+ below market value. :wink:

I have always heard people having success by listing a small percentage as a referal fee. Basically doesn’t that get alot of people to act like cheap realtors for you?

Be careful how you list a “referral fee”. In some states a compensation based upon a percentage is a commission. In some states it is illegal to pay a commission to an unlicensed person. Nothing wrong with a flat referral fee. However, a referral fee generally means they give you a name and a number and that is it! They cannot have any involvement in the negotiations.

Check with your local laws to see if this applies to you.