waterfront with pier

I live on a river and own a pier. A lot next door sold and the new owner is building a and also wants to build a pier. The river bends in front of our propertiesand for him to legally build a pier he will need me to allow him to build the pier within 2 feet of my property line. You’re allowed a corridor of 20 feet per side and technically he can’t build one without my permission. He asked for permission to build within 2 feet of my property line. I think I should be entitled to compensation. If he builds a pier it will slightly obstruct my view on a portion of the river, but not much. My view is already partially obstructed by 2 other piers. Has anyone ever had a similar situation? I want to be fair and a good neighbor but would like to know how much I should be compensated.

I’d let it slide.

Evaluate your situation since you know it best, will the building of the pier interfere with the use of your property? Obstruct a big portion of your view? If he plans to live in the property awhile you will have a friendlier neighbor if you don’t put your hand out for donations.


What if the pier he builds can suit you both? If he builds a pier as far to the side as he can, tell him to put the boat house on the far side (away from your property) and the pier (low side) on the side nearest your property, that way there’s not a boat house obstructing your view. You can see easily over a pier.

Forget about the compensation, that’s just crappy. If it bothers you that bad tell him you’d rather him not obstruct your view.

Otherwise, -he gets the pier he wants and you get a friendly neighbor.