Waterfront Land with no payments for a year

Does anyone still thing now is a good time to be buying land from a developer in high end gate subdivisions.

Depends on where you buy. I just wrote a blog post about how Dallas and Houston builders are going to lake areas. Austin is too, but you have to choose the right area. Lago Vista and Northshore Lake Travis are growing. Lots of happenings are also out by Rough Hollow.

If the area is right and you calculate the hold time, it could be ok.

Where? Dubai? Fiji? North Dakota?

High end destination resort lots are selling really well in my town, as are the multi-million dollar houses being built on them. Well, not really lots. Small acreages 2-5 acres.

I probably wouldn’t invest in one, myself. The holding costs would be killer.

Lot are located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Hard Rock is building a them park (400 Million). The property is not far from their.

Typically an investment in land is a longer term investment. Area and potential growth are factors. The demand is also important. Will there be an over supply for demand or the other way around?

The basics of Real Estate Investing to me are the same. You have to do your due dillegence on any purchase these days. The big difference I see is that there is a lot more inventory on the market and there is a sale going on in most of the country.

For your situation “To Buy or Not to Buy” really depends on your exit strategy?

Are you able to buy this property and pay the holding cost on it 3 to 5 yrs or more until Myrtle Beach, see’s some good appreciation again. What if my crystal ball is cloudy today, and it take 7 to 10 years?

If this is a buy and hold and you have done your research and see that this property is in the path of progress, and in an up and comming area and you can afford to hold it the necessary time, then you should know over the last 100 years property has averages 3% to 6% annual appreciation.

I wish you success!