Water Softener Question

I just turned my primary residence into a rental. I have a water softener installed in it when I purchased, now I bought another home as a primary residence. I am planning on putting a water softener as it didn’t come with one.
Debating myself between buying a new one for the new house and leaving the rental with the water softener or bring the water softener from the rental and put it in the new home so I will save like $400.

Please help me make a decision by answering the below questions. Thanks.

Is it a standard to have water softener in rental or will it be an additional feature to attract tenants?
Is it one more maintenance item to worry about at the rental?[/li][/list]

Thanks in advance for reading and posting

No it’s not a normally included item for a rental. I don’t know if it would attract tenants or not.
It would be one more thing to worry about fixing.

That being said, if you live in an area where you really need a water softener it may be good to leave it in there. I’ve never had one anywhere I’ve lived throughout the country.

Justin - thank you for the response.

The water is hard here but I dont think any of the apartments have a common softener. I didnt get this when I bought this house.

Thanks again…

Take the softener with you. You will not get a dime more in rent, and it will likely cost you money to maintain it.

Since it will cost money to maintain it anyway, it might as well soften YOUR water.

Javipa, thank you for your post. I like the way you put it.


One other thing…water softeners use salt and leave trace amounts of salt in the water. Should your tenant be a “Salt Sensitive Person” it could be a problem.

Quick question what type of rental property is it? is it a mini mansion with all top level appliances or is it a condo in the bad part of town. Without knowing something about the house and neighborhood the rental property is in advising whether to take the softener or leave it we are all just shooting in the dark. You mentioned that the water is hard that is a start but a little more detail would get you a better answer from your peers. You are focusing on the short term reward by taking it. If you take it with you will that effect the water condition at your home to a point that will damage water fixtures and piping to cause you to spend more time over at the rental property fixing faucets and sinks due to buildup. Because we all know your tenant will not take care of the property like you do. Weigh all options before you make the decision. Its not like your selling the home and will have nothing to do with it in the future. I know first hand that tenants don’t take care of things and anything I can do to avoid costly repairs in the future I do!


I would recommend you to buy a new water softener and to leave that one in the rental property. I’ll explain you why. First, it’ll be a great advantage for your rental apartment to have such a benefit and sure tenants appreciate it. Secondly, if you have water softener in the house you can raise the rent (a little bit). It’ll be better for you and your family to purchase a new quality machine that will last much longer and will not need the repairs as often plus they have a better warranty.